Roswell Barbell | North Atlanta Strength Training Facility
Roswell Barbell | North Atlanta Strength Training Facility


RBB Owner, Head Strength Coach, C.S.C.S., USAW Certified

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Trainer Bio

Callahan received his C.S.C.S. from the NSCA in 1996, his Club Coach Certification from USAW in 2000, and his Sport Coach Certification from USAW in 2011.

Training Philosophy

“The RBB attitude is to be bigger, stronger and more powerful than you were yesterday. Whether you want to compete or just train as hard as possible, blood, sweat and tears are are the rage at RBB. We combine a ‘state of the past’ mentality with up to date equipment and training technique. Powerlifting, weightlifting, body building, strongman… when just being in shape is not enough.”


I walked into the gym in 1977 at the age of 13, and 40 years later, I’m still training and learning.  I have trained all over the world from Canada to Mexico, Belgium to Thailand. Locally, I have trained with the biggest and strongest athletes in the following gyms: Challenge Gym in early 80’s, Muscle Factory mid 80’s, the original Animal Kingdom(zebra building), Coffee’s Gym through out the 90’s, and the last 4 years at Marietta Barbell.

I took up competitive powerlifting in 1991 and competed until 2000 at 275 in both the USPF and ADFPA federations. I continued at 275 and Super Heavy Weight in the USAPL. I competed at the National level for 3 years with a top 5 and top 10 finish. I was listed as one of the top 100 275’s back to back years by Powerlifting USA.

I’ve coached competitive powerlifters, both raw and equipped, from their first meet, to Nationals, and on to the World Platform. My athletes have been body builders, Tri-fitness competitors, Olympic weightlifters, and those from many different team sports.