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Our coaching staff & trainers are highly experienced and have been certified by the following nationally recognized organizations; NSCA, USAW, and USAPL.

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The equipment is very well maintained and plentiful, the entire facility is airy and well lit and, thanks to founder and head trainer Callahan, logically laid out and inviting. Trainers Anna and Luke add their unique perspectives and skill sets and can help even total novices learn what it is to move beyond “normal” to discover new levels of well-being, confidence, and power. Physical excellence through the building of physical strength is the goal of the staff and the regulars who train at RBB. You don’t have to be interested in competing in one of RBB’s 4 core disciplines (powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, strongman); all that is required to be welcome is that you be willing to WORK. Come and see for yourself.

Billy Red Horse, The Zen Earth School

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Come experience the pinnacle of strength training in North Atlanta. Don't Punk Out.

11235 Alpharetta Hwy Suite 116 Roswell, GA 30076